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  • The main airports in France that serve the Aude department and the Languedoc Roussillon region of Southern France are Toulouse, Carcassonne, Rodez, Perpignan, Montpellier and Béziers. They are not all airports in Languedoc Roussillon (recently renamed Occitanie), but they are near enough to make them feasible options. It is also possible to fly into Spain to either Gerona or Barcelona and drive back into France. A great way to add even more interest to your holiday and visit two countries.

    The region is well served by a number of low cost airlines and main airlines to meet your travel requirement, see below for a list of who flies into the airports and where they fly from in the UK. RyanAir is probably the most prevalent. There are also some useful websites for checking flight availability and costs with the budget airlines which I have provided below.

    This is a list of the main South of France airports, where they connect to in the UK and the budget airlines that serve those routes, British Airways also has flights to France in this region so where that is an option we have included the information. For travel advice to this region you will find this list really useful as it is effectively your flights listing for France. The drive times listed are the approximate times to get to Domaine de Cazes from the airport.

    The list does change over time so there may be occasions that a route listed is no longer available. Every effort will be made to keep the information current but if you do find that a route is no longer available then please use the banner below the list to check out options for your location or just visit Skyscanner for the latest information on all the budget airlines.

    Don't forget that there are a lot of locations in the UK and the rest of Europe that fly into either Gerona or Barcelona, they are only 3 or 4 hours away respectively and again you can use Skyscanner to check the availability and prices for all the budget airlines.

    Toulouse Airport (60min drive) Carcassonne Airport (40min drive)
    Bristol easyJet East Midlands Ryanair
    London Gatwick easyJet Manchester Ryanair
    Dublin Aer Lingus London Stansted Ryanair
    Manchester Jet2 Glasgow Ryanair
    London Heathrow easyJet Dublin Ryanair
    Brussels easyJet Cork Ryanair
    Amsterdam KLM Brussels S. Charleroi Ryanair
     London Stansted  Ryanair   


  • Montpellier Airport (1 hour 50mins) Beziers Airport (1 hour 30mins)
    London Luton easyJet Bristol Ryanair
    London Gatwick EasyJet Edinburgh Ryanair
    Leeds Bradford Ryanair Manchester Ryanair
    Rotterdam Transavia London Luton Ryanair
    Amsterdam KLM Dusseldorf Ryanair
    Brussels S. Charleroi Ryanair Paris Beauvais Ryanair
        Stockholm Skavsta Ryanair
        Oslo Ryanair
  • Perpignan Airport (1hour 30mins) Rodez Airport (2hours 30mins)
    London Stansted Ryanair Dublin Ryanair
    Southampton Flybe Paris Orly Hop!
    Birmingham Flybe Brussels S. Charleroi Ryanair
    Brussels S. Charleroi Ryanair    
    Dublin Aer Lingus Nimes Airport (2hours 30mins)
    Paris Orly Hop! London Luton Ryanair
    Nantes Volotea Liverpool Ryanair
        Brussels Ryanair

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