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  • There are many things to do in Languedoc Roussillon, France. There are a whole host of activities available for you to participate in. These range from normal leisure activities like sightseeing and beach days to any number of sporting activities like cycling, tennis golf and many more. Quite simply put, you are spoilt for choice; so lets start with a list of just some of the things you can do.

    If you need more information or suggestions for the activities mentioned then please don't hesitate to get in touch

  • Wine Tasting

  • Golfing

  • Walking

  • Tennis

  • Canoeing

  • Photography

  • Painting

  • Cycling

  • Horse Riding

  • Vide Greniers

  • Food Markets

  • Restaurants

  • Shopping

  • Sightseeing

  • Water Sports

  • The Beach

  • A little bit more on the golf

  • Carcassonne golf club is the nearest to Le Moulin and is approximately 35 minutes in the car, well worth the effort if you are a golf player. 

  • As I am not a golf player personally I asked my sister in law to provide a quick overview of the golf course from a golfers perspective. The following is her appraisal of Carcassonne golf course.

    "If you are staying at le Moulin and fancy a game of golf, the place to go is Carcassonne Golf club, a 35 minute drive away.

    Most courses that golfers play tend to blend into one another after a while, but I guarantee that you will remember this one! The daunting first hole is a steep, lung bursting climb but, once you reach the top, the stunning views of the snow capped Pyrenees are equally breathtaking. Take a camera.

    In fact, much of the course is played with the backdrop of the mountains and the spectacular French countryside. I won’t spoil the surprise by going into too much detail but there are a few really good, unusual holes which you will remember.

    The course itself is in immaculate condition with well kept fairways and fast greens. My husband and I are at opposite ends of the handicap scale (34 and 13) but both enjoyed the course as there are no carries too long for the beginner but plenty of challenges for the more experienced player.

    We played on a windy Autumn day but a crisp Spring morning or still Summer day would be equally delightful."

    Practical bits you need to know:

    The friendly staff in the pro-shop do speak English, in fact the club has many ex-pat members who are very willing to chat about the course and offer advice. Booking of tee-times, particularly in high season, is advisable.

    Clubs, trolleys and buggies are available to hire. The course is very steep in a couple of places so a buggy may be worth having if you don’t like hills.

    Distances (in meters) are written on sprinkler heads.

    The club has a bar and a restaurant which came highly recommended.

    A warning to those more used to UK golf courses! The tape linking the low white posts around the perimeter of the golf course is electrified in order to keep out the wild boar. The shock is not huge but certainly made my husband jump, so take care when retrieving wayward balls, not that you would have any, heaven forbid.

  • What about some canoeing

    Strange as it may seem, canoeing (one of the things to do in Aude, France) is definitely a summer activity. The reason for this is that throughout the rest of the year the water is nearly always too high and too fast to allow people out on their own, even with bouyancy aids. But during the summer the water is sedate enough for safety although still lively enough for some real fun and a great day out.

    We recommend the route that starts in Couiza and finishes in either Alet de Bains or Limoux, depending how long you want to go for. Limoux is the furthest and Alet de Bain is about half of that and takes a couple of hours.  Contact Les Parcours for more information.

  • Cycling and the Canal Du Midi

    We have found that there seems to be more than one type of cyclist that like to stay at Le Moulin. There are the more gentile cyclists that like a flat but scenic route, I very much fit into that category, and there are the extreme cyclists who somehow seem to enjoy the challenge of riding through the Montagne Noire with all the ups, downs, curves and, I have to say, magnificent views that option brings.

    Personally I would of course enjoy the views but I am not sure the pain would be worthwhile, especially as you can get very picturesque views riding the tow paths of the Canal du Midi. And I am sure that everyone knows a specific feature of a canal is that, other than the locks, it is pretty much completely flat.  So I do find myself asking the question 'why' when it comes to the Montagne Noire option, but then everyone to their own and if you do like that type of cycling then this region takes some beating.

    You can read a little more about cycling on the Canal Du Midi or visiting the Montagne Noire on our blog. As you would expect, the Montagne Noire post is when we went by car, but it covers some of the same territory only in a much more leisurely way. 

  • An Aquazone Should Keep the Kids Entertained

    Recently there was an Aquazone set up on the Lac de St Ferreol close to Revel and only about 20 minutes from Le Moulin. It proved to be pretty popular with the youngsters and, if we are going to be honest, quite a few that were not so young but still had a bit of sparkle in their eyes. Basically it is a water based assault course that lets you bounce from one obstacle to another, occasionally missing and ending up with a big splat into the lake. In other words 'great fun'. 

    Of course that is not all that the lake has to offer, there is the more sedate canoeing option, pedalos, boarding and even a bit of sailing to be had. Also if you prefer your entertainment to be land based there is a crazy golf course, walks through the adjoining arboretum or simply enjoying the restaurants and cafes that are located next to the lake taking in the fabulous views to the 'Black Mountains'.

    Just a little further away near to Carcassonne you will find the Lac de la Cavayere with its somewhat larger Aquazone, water slides and a range of other facilities similar to St Ferreol. So spolit for choice really when it comes to Aquazones and lakeside facilities that kids and adults alike can enjoy. Although perhaps tempered a little to meet individual requirements.

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